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New products

1 and 3-phase power network meter with Ethernet and recording - ND30 - NEW

3-phase power network analyzer with Ethernet and recording - N100 - NEW

Humidity and temperature transducer
with digital output
P19 - NEW

NP40 - Portabler power quality analyzer - NEW

PowerVis software

Rail mounted 1-phase power network meter with graphical OLED display N27P - NEW

RE01 controller - 2 outputs - NEW

RE62 controller
3 outputs
OLED display
rail mounted - NEW

S4AO - New module of 4 analog outputs - NEW

Temperature and d.c. standard signals universal digital meter with OLED N21 type - NEW

Transducer of 1-phase power network parameters with data record and Ethernet - P30P - NEW

Transducer of D.C. circuit parameters with data record and Ethernet - P30H - NEW

Design and programming: Ideo