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LUMEL S.A. – experience and competence

Watch our EMS video and see, how we work!


For 60 years, LUMEL S.A. is well-known on the European market for the production of highest quality measuring instruments and precise aluminium alloy pressure castings. Growing from year to year, the production of our devices and received numerous order for assembly of electronic subassemblies, determine us to invest in up-to-date and high-duty line for SMD assembling of electronic elements.
Apart from the production of electrical measuring instruments, LUMEL S.A. offers following sub-contracting services and industrial co-operation derived from technological possibilities and available production capacity.


In the scope of EMS, our strong point is the possibility to offer for our customers a full range of services supported by high qualifications of our employees.
We offer:

  • one-sided and double-sided assembling of SMD elements in the technology of reflow soldering, in accordance with European Directive for RoHS,
  • assembly of thread elements by flow soldering,
  • complementary assembly of thread elements and mechanical parts,
  • mixed assembly,
  • optical inspection of assembled PCB,
  • assembly can be carried out on the base of own or committed elements.

Taking advantage of the acquired experience in design and testing of our apparatus we also offer:

  • design of PCB,
  • completion of elements to assembly, ensuring PCB and stenciles for coating with soldering paste or glue in compliance with the transmitted documentation,
  • testing of assembled systems acc. to the customer’s instructions,
  • testing in the climatic chamber,
  • testing of vibration resistance.

Our machine park consists of 2 complete assembly lines.

The first assemly line is composed of:

  • silk screen printer ERSA (equipped in stencils cleaning system, inspection of bridging, clogging of the openings, inspection of smearing and paste level on the stencil. Additionally it is equipped in complete record of statistical data of the processes)
  • two automatic machines JUKI (flexible KE-3020VA and high-speed chip shooter: FX-3RA).
  • 7- zones reflow soldering oven ERSA HOTFLOW 3/14E.
  • The whole line is completed by handling system, loader, conveyors and unloader of the circuit boards manufactured by ASYS - Germany.
The second assembly line is composed of:
  • silks creen printer JUKI K1760,
  • placement machine JUKI KE-2060,
  • reflow oven ERSA HOTFLOW 2/14,
  • magazine loader and line unloader – JOT,
  • conveyors and in-line workstation – JOT,
Additionally our machine park is equipped with:
  • two soldering aggregates of KIERSTEN company,
  • optical control stands,
  • stand for thread assembly with Weller soldering stations
  • tester Flying Probe Takaya 

All stands and devices are equipped with the protection against static electricity in compliance with EN 61340 5-1 and 5-2 standards.


Warranty of the highest quality of production and services

All design and production processes,  and customer’s services are running in LUMEL in accordance to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Quality Systems. The assembly process is carried out according to the IPC-A-610E standard.
In the scope of the commercial service we offer:

  • the appointment of a responsible person for each order, which will be responsible for the realization of the whole order,
  • short time-limit of delivery,
  • attractive prices,
  • realization of both large orders and smaller series.

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