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The LUMEL-PROCESS program is a modern system of integration and data presentation. The program enables the creation of control and measurement applications by the user, for industrial installations, intelligent buildings, gas industry, power engineering. 

The LUMEL-PROCESS is an integral part of industrial systems and realizes following functions:

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  • data exchange using Modbus transmission protocol,
  • visualization of process parameters in form of mimic maps, tables, bargraphs and trends,
  • remote configuration and control of devices,
  • data logging,
  • recording of alarm events in the system,
  • data sharing with other applications using DDE data exchange protocol (DDE client),
  • sharing data with other computers with a LUMEL Process software in the local computer network with the TCP/IP protocol,
  • report templates,
  • report monitoring on the base of archived data,
  • report printing and export to pdf, txt, html formats,
  • view of synoptic map via web browser.