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Photovoltaic string inverters


Conforming to the most advanced international standards, the PVSA satisfies  the application demands of a market in constant technological evolution. Our product represents the most advanced technology in the sector for controlling state-of-the-art industrial and civil PV plants.  Maximum energy efficiency, long term reliability, plant monitoring and high-level professional service are the cornerstones of the PVSA range.
These solar inverters feature cutting-edge power components and advanced system controls that deliver superior. 

For monitoring of PVSA inverters works we highly recommend dedicated aplication - MARC energy software, Cloud version.

  • Maximum efficiency up to 98.3%
  •  IP -65 structure suitable for both indoor & outdoor installation
  • Full power without derating up to 50°C ambient temperature.
  • Natural ventilation minimizes breakdown & maintenance.
  • Robust design and latest-generation power components with SiC technology.
  • Maximum power point tracking, up to 3 MPPT trackers.
  • Wide MPPT voltage range 350 to 800V.
  • Large graphical display provides a easy, user-friendly operator interface.
  • "Transformerless" versions for enhanced efficiency.
  • String fault detection & DC fuses on both poles of string.
  • Integrated DC circuit breaker under load.
  • Tool free & maintenance free terminals on both DC & AC side.
  • Integrated datalogger for operation and fault data logging.
  • USB port for quick & handy saving of production and operation data.
  • Integrated protections against overcurrent, overtemperature, reverse dc polarity, AC & DC overvoltage.
  • Wire Box to allow separate access for easy and quick installation.
  •  2 RS-485 ports for communication interface
  •  Integerated inputs/outputs: 3 anlog inputs, 2 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs.
  • Auxiliary  24 V out (500mA max) for connection of environmental sensors.