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§ 1 LUMEL S.A. - Warranty terms and conditions

  1. The warranty covers free repair in the period of 18 months from the date of purchase of the device.
  2. The prerequisite for exercising the rights under the granted warranty is to use the devices in accordance with the terms and conditions of their exploitation as defined in the user’s manual provided with the product. User manuals are also available at The devices without a user’s manual must be exploited in compliance with binding standards concerning such products.
  3. The prerequisite for exercising the rights under the granted warranty is the discovery of a defect during the period as indicated in sec. 1 hereof.
  4. The liability under the warranty only refers to the defects in the sold product.
  5. The warranty repairs may be performed by LUMEL S.A. only.
  6. The detected defects in the warranty period must be removed within 14 working days from the date of delivery of the device to LUMEL S.A.
  7. If spare parts are required, the repair period will be prolonged by the time necessary for providing such spare parts.
  8. The warranty period must be prolonged by the length of time necessary for repair. The above does not refer to the situation when the Client fails to collect the device from LUMEL S.A. despite being informed about the fact that the repair has been completed and the device is ready to be collected.
  9. The Client is entitled to have the device substituted with a new one if during the warranty period LUMEL S.A. performs 4 repairs and the device continues to be defective so that its further use according to the intended purpose is impossible or LUMEL S.A. states in writing that the defect may not be removed.
  10. The warranty for the sold product does not exclude, limit or suspend the rights of the Client due to the inconsistency between the provisions of the agreement and the product. The Client has the right to decide about the manner in which he/she would like to exercise the rights related to the product defect.

§ 2 Indemnification of Warrantor

  1. The following is not covered by the warranty:
    1. defects resulting from improper handling of the device, in particular improper use, maintenance, service and storage,
    2. mechanical damages to the device and defects resulting therefrom,
    3. defects and damages caused by external factors (e.g. over-voltage of power supply, lightning discharge, fire, flood, etc.),
    4. batteries, cables, cases, fuses, bulbs, markers and other consumables.
  2. The warranty does not cover any claims of the Client related to the technical parameters of the device provided that they are in compliance with the information given by the producer in the user’s manual and provided that they have been presented to the Client in such a manner so as to allow him/her to familiarize therewith.
  3. The warranty does not cover any activities as stipulated in the user’s manual that must be performed by the USER by his/her own effort and at his/her own expense.
  4. The written decision of LUMEL S.A. regarding the legitimacy of the complaint is a final decision.
  5. The Warrantor is not responsible for the timely performance of the warranty services if their performance is interrupted by unexpected circumstances in the form of external factors.
  6. In case of unfounded complaints or notices addressed to LUMEL S.A., the USER bears travel expenses of the service (according to the service’s price list) or carriage costs.
  7. The Warranty does not cover the rights of the Client to seek reimbursement of lost profits due to the defects in the sold product.

§ 3 Loss of warranty

  1. The warranty expires in the following situations:
    1. unauthorized repairs, modifications or changes in the construction of the device have been found,
    2. unauthorized amendments to the warranty card have been made.