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Multichannels data logger/recorder


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HT25 has been designed to monitor 100 parameters from 10 separate devices. As a Master in the Modbus network, it can monitor and record various values e.g. temp., humidity, power, energy or level of the environment pollution. Thanks to the measuring universality and a small housing it is a perfect solution for any facilities like e.g. industrial, residential, commercial, server rooms, medicines and food storages, laboratories, museums and etc.


  • Access to the current data can be available through any web browser  using a smartphone, tablet, or PC.
  • HT25 has also two displays-on the front and side panel, which can be programmed by the user to indicate monitored values.
  • The data captured by HT25 is stored in the internal memory and then sent digitally to the user (by the Ethernet). In case of an emergency situation, the device immediately sends appropriate warnings via emails or via a website.
  • An additional advantage of HT25 is the possibility that it can be powered over the Ethernet.

Product characteristic

  • monitoring up to 100 parameters from Slave devices (10 devices 10 registers each) through MODBUS TCP/IP
  • 8 GB of internal memory for recording of input signals (up to 16 parameters)
  • RS-485 interface with Modbus protocol and Master or Slave mode
  • 4 measuring channels dedicated for data read-out from P18S, P18 or P18D temperature and humidity transducers
  • 4 binary inputs,
  • 2 logical alarm outputs
  • input for measuring wind speed from anemometer,


The HT25 is equipped with the Ethernet interface enabling its connection to the local or global network (either LAN or WAN). 
Thanks to the user-friendly and intuitive www server, you will always have access to the information regarding:

  • current measurement values,
  • device status.

The www server call also allow you to:

  • configure it
  • read the serial number, manufacturing code, software version and bootloader version.

The built-in FTP server allows for fast and easy access to archive data files from the level of web browser or from other FTP clients. 
The DHCP protocol provides automatic configuration of the monitor in the computer network, whereas the SMTP protocol is responsible for sending the warnings via emails. 
The HT25 monitor can also work in more extensive systems where the communication protocol Modbus Slave TCP/IP provides a smooth and reliable reading of all current measurement data.