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Why is it worth trusting us?

The instruments with the LUMEL logo on them have been known for over 70 years in many countries all over the world. One of their strongest points is the guarantee of the highest quality and reliability. We are able to achieve it thanks to the specialist and complex tests which are performed on all our products in the Calibration Laboratory

Our services for you 

If you want to have a GUARANTEE that your instruments work properly - USE OUR LABORATORY!

We provide services related to calibration of measuring devices, including:

  • shunts
  • current transformers
  • 3-phase power network meters
  • temperature meters,
  • humidity meters and transducers
  • temperature sensors
  • multi channels recorders and controllers
  • ammeters
  • voltmeters
  • wattmeters
  • multimeters.

The laboratory also performs tests of devises in the scope of:

  • electromagnetic compatibility,
    • electromagnetic noise immunity according to PN-EN 61000-6-2 norm, 
    • emission of electromagnetic interference according to PN-EN 61000-6-4 norm, 
  •  safety (including safety according to PN-EN 61010-1 norm)  
  •  ambient conditions, 
  • environmental  conditions, 
  • vibrations and impacts, 
  • transport conditions, 
  • measurement accuracy,
  • checking class of current transformer. 
Example of calibration certificate