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AC clamp-on meter 1000A / 400 A


NC11 clamp-on meter has been designed to measure AC current and voltage, DC voltage as well as capacitance, circuit continuity, resistance, frequency, duty cycle and temperature.

The innovative product design increases comfort and safety of the user. The unique design of the rotary measuring component (clamps) allows for measurements in places with a difficult access.The jaws can be opened and closed by using a special lever placed under the meter, which allows the user to keep their arm at a safe distance from the measured parts of the system, thereby reducing the risk of an electric shock.
  • The diameter of measured cable 50 mm (the meter up to 1000A)
  • The diameter of measured cable 40 mm (the meter to 400A)
  • Current measurement up to 400 and 1000 A AC
  • Measuring voltage up to 1000 V AC
  • Measuring temperature from 0 to 1300°C (K type termocouple)
  • Illuminated digital display with analog indicator,
  • A number of features:
    • HOLD - Stop function currently displayed measured value,
    • Auto power off,
  • For low ohm measurement, the lead resistance can be compensated by presssing the REL key,
  • Automatic and manual mode,
  • Available measuring function diodes and transistors,
  • Degree of protection IP20.
  • An adjustment of the resistance - for low measuring low resistance or can be compensated by pressing the Shift button