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Data logger for IoT applications


SM61IoT is a new and practical solution, which provides you continuous visualization of process parameters by

- cloud - thanks to MQTT protocol (global/distributed montotoring)
- web browser (global monitoring)
- SCADA system - protocol TCP/IP (local monitoring)

For communication with SM61IoT you can use PC, tablet or mobile phone with a web browser.


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  • The MQTT protocol is ideal for communication in distributed acquisition systems data (IoT applications).
  • Modbus TCP protocol for communication in ScaDa systems.
  • Built-in WWW for visualisation of current and archived data according to customer configuration (synoptic maps, charts, tables) by any web browser.
  • Readout up to 2500 values from slave devices (up to 100 devices, each 25 registers).
  • User-friendly application for data confi guration (sM61iot config).
  • 8 GB flash memory.
  • Built-in ftp server.
  • Alarms or binary inputs for control of archiving.
  • RTC (real time clock).
  • Possibility of simultaneously work by many users
  • user’s access control by a password.

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