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Single phase power network meter 100A



The multifunction power network meter NR10 is a new-generation DIN rail mounted meter, used not only in the electricity transmission and power distribution systems but also in the power consumption measurement and analysis of intelligent power grid and BMS applications.

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The NR10 has a blue backlight display and 16 different measuring parameters. With built in pulsed outputs and RS485 Modbus RTU is fully compatible for integration with BMS and remote monitoring systems.

  • Better than Class 1/ B accuracy
  • Bi-directional measurement IMPORT & EXPORT
  • 100A direct connection
  • Two pulse outputs
  • RS-485 Modbus
  • DIN rail mounting 35 mm

Measured parameters:

  • Phase to Neutral voltage
  • Frequency
  • Current
  • Current Max Demand
  • kW, kVA & kVAr
  • Power Max Demand
  • Power Factor
  • Import kWh
  • Export kWh
  • Import kVarh
  • Export kVArh
  • Total kWh (Active Energy)
  • Total kVarh (Reactive Energy)