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Live line monitor


LLM3 Live line monitor is used to indicate the presence of voltage in the three-phase power supply.

Each of the monitored phases is indicated by a LED display with an appropriate marking, e.g. L1, L2, L3. The red LEDs of the relevant indicator go out when the phase fails.

An additional external LLI3 phase presence indicator provides a convenient view of the power network status at the control cabinet door.

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Advantages of LLM3 + LLI3 set:

  • Safety - LLI3 indicator operates with low voltage potential due to full galvanic isolation from the power network

  • Reliability - each phase is signaled by two independent LEDs and the analogue design provides resistance to electromagnetic interference

  • Versatility - signaling available inside the control cabinet (LLM3 monitor) and on the board (LLI3 indicator)

  • Convenience - red LEDs for clear visibility in all conditions