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Lumel Scanner - free app for mobile devices

How many times have you searched for the IP address of a device that is connected to the network you manage?. If Lumel devices work in it and you have access to a local WiFi network, the problem will be solved by the free Lumel Scanner application.

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Just open it on your smartphone and the devices working in a given network will be automatically tracked.  Thanks to the application you will get an overview of measured parameters and access to the device’s website. Additionally, to facilitate localization, you can define the name of each device according to your needs.

The application also allows you to connect devices from outside the local network, as long as you know their IP address.

The application works in Android – from version 5.1.

It supports the following devices:

  • temperatury and humidity data logger - HT20, HT20IoT,
  • environmental parameters data logger - HT22IoT,
  • data logger - HT25,
  • power network meters - ND30, ND30IoT, NR30, NR30IoT,
  • transducers - P30H, P30O, P30U, P30P

The application works in Android – from version 5.1. It can be dowloaded from Google Play.