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Meter of d.c. current, d.c. voltage and temperature


The N20 meter is a digital programmable panel instrument destined for measurements of d.c. voltages, d.c. currents or temperature. The readout display is a LED display which enables the exposition of results in red, green or orange colour.
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  • input:
    - d.c. current: 0/4...20mA; ±20mA
    - d.c. voltage: 0...60mV; 0...10V; ±10V
    - temperature: Pt100, J, K
  • 2 alarm outputs of OC type (4 types of alarms) signaled by highlight of the alarm index,
  • protection level ensured by the housing: IP65,
  • readout field: 5 three-colour LED displays of 14 mm height,
  • highlighted measuring units,  
  • supply: 85...253 V a.c./d.c. or 20...40 V a.c./d.c.
  • overall dimensions: 96 x 48 x 64 mm.

For the configuration of the N20 free eCon  is the destined  software. The meter must be connected with the PC computer through a PD14 programmer.

Parameters which can be reprogrammed are as follows:

  • display colour, individually in three intervals,
  • thresholds of displayed overflows,
  • display precision of the result (decimal point),
  • highlight of the unit,
  • kind of the measured signal a.c. or a.c. + d.c. (True RMS),
  • averaging time of the measurement,
  • recounting of indications (individual characteristic),
  • two alarms of OC type operating in six working modes.