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Digital multimeter


Digital multimeter NP06 type is widely used in the electrical, electronics industry, service works, and as a training - learning tool. The multimeter allows for measurement of AC/DC voltage, resistance, capacitance and frequency, and also duty cycle. Aesthetically constructed dual backlit LED display ensures easy reading of the measured parameters.

  • Direct and alternating voltages from 100μV ... 1000V,
  • Direct and alternating currents from 10μA ... 10.00A,
  • Resistance from 1Ω... 40.00MΩ with zero correction,
  • Resistance from 1pF... 200.00μA with zero correction,
  • Frequencies from 10.00 Hz ... 10MHz,
  • Diode measurement and continuity testing,
  • Duty cycle (%) measurement,
  • Hold measurement
  • Relative measurement
  • Non contact voltage detection.