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Pedestrian or vehicle inspection for gamma neutron radiation.

The SMP Stationary Radiation Monitors system, that detects gamma-neutron radiations, is designed to work in an environment where a large flow of people and goods is expected. SMP radiometric gates detects radioactive materials in trucks, passenger cars, containers, trains and in luggage carried by pedestrians moving through the control zone. The SMP radiometric gate system detects even the smallest materials that can be used to make nuclear weapons or the so-called dirty bomb.

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Stationary SMP Radiation Monitors have one or two measuring columns, which are designed to detect radioactive and nuclear radiation. They are also equipped with an operator panel that communicates with the measuring columns which processes the  signals received  and the implemented algorithms automatically make an alarming decision. The operator panel also enables the visualization of alarms, viewing the current operating status, generating and printing reports.

Thanks to the availability of two structures, one with a housing resistant to external conditions and the other with an aesthetic housing intended for indoor use, the investor can choose a model compatible with the intended use of the device.

Dedicated computer software SMP-Studio allows remote control of even a whole group of devices. This solution is ideal for facilities monitored from one central point. This computer software provides a graphic view in an interactive synoptic chart, remotely controls the RPM’s and enables a remote change of the important parameters. SMP-Studio generates complete report of events (in PDF, Excel).


  • Automatic radiometric control without interference on the traffic.
  • High sensitivity.
  • Generates  reports and alarm signals.
  • Speed control.
  • Interactive control panel with a 8,3” touch screen.
  • Bi-directional communication which provides.
    • remote control of the SMP
    • remote change of selected parameter settings.
  • Operation in the dedicated Remote Management System SMP-Studio.
  • Video recording (supervised by the SMP-Studio).
  • The SMP system complies with the recommendations of the International Atomic Energy Agency of Vienna.
  • The measuring columns works in the range ambient temperature range: from -30°C to + 50°C with relative humidity up to 90% at an air temperature ≤ 35°C, without condensation.

Potential applications of SMP systems:

  • border control points - road, rail, sea, air.
  • logistics centers.
  • sports and other facilities that require high degree of security.
  • checkpoints for nuclear power plant and associated facilities, defence production plants and warehouses.


Type of Monitors

Type of Monitors  Control zone   (w/h.)     Maximum Speed Intended for control
SMP-M11 1.5m/2m upto 5 km/h
  • people, people with hand luggage - inside buildings
SMP-M22 3m/2m
SMP-11 3m/2m upto 5 km/h


  • people, people with hand luggage in external and internal premises
  • baggage belts (checked and oversized luggage)
  • small-sized transport vehicles (luggage trolleys, etc.)
  • passenger cars


SMP-22 6m/2m upto 8 km/h
SMP44 6m/4m upto 8 km/h
  • passenger cars
  • buses
Special version
SMP-11T 2m/1.5m upto 5 km/h SMP monitor installed above the conveyor belt
  • luggage conveyors (checked and oversized luggage)