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Synchronoscope SA19, SA12

SA12_, SA19_

Synchroscope SA12 and SA19 types are designed to provide an illuminated indication of actual phase difference between the BUS voltage (reference voltage) & the GENERATOR voltage (incoming voltage).

They denote the actual frequency difference corresponding to the inverse of time taken for one rotation of the illuminated vector spot. When two alternators are paralleled, it is necessary that voltage magnitude, frequency and phase must be same.
Synchroscopes are hence used to indicate the phase & frequency difference between two AC alternators, which are to be paralleled.
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  • Ideal visualisation on circular diod bargraph
  • One or two range of input voltage
  • Range of input signal: 57...500 V
  • Frequency range:  35 - 70 Hz
  • External dimensions:
    • 96 x 96 x 111.5mm (SA19 type)
    • 144 x 144 x 111.5mm (SA12 type)