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Transducer of D.C. circuit parameters with Ethernet


P30H is a transducer which was designed for photovoltaic, battery, telecommunication and railway installations. P30H measures and records current, voltage, power, energy and other d.c. circuit parameters.

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The output signal is galvanically isolated from the input signal and the power supply.
P30H has programmable measurement and additional functions.
Programming parameters can be realized with the use of buttons, via RS-485 interface and free e-con software or Ethernet or any web browsers.

Transducer is available in 3 versions:

  • basic,
  • with SD/SDHC card,
  • with Ethernet and internal file system memory.

Features and functions:

  • Programmable input
    • DC parameters
    • current via shunts +/- 150mV
    • voltage 0...12/48/100/250V or 0...600/1000V with additional resistor
  • Output:
    • 1 x analog 0/4...20mA or 0...10V
    • 1 x relay, optionally changeable to CANopen output or to 0/4...20mA or 0...10V analog output
    • 1 x additional relay, optionally changeable to 0...24V d.c. supply output
  • LCD 2 x 8 characters with LED backlight
  • Supply: 85..253 V a.c./d.c. or 20...40 V a.c./d.c., / 20...60 V d.c.
  • Conversion of measured values into an output signal on the base of the individual linear characteristic
  • 1 or 2 alarm relays with NO contact operating in 6 modes
  • Additional supplying output 24 V d.c 30 mA switched-on/switched-off (optional).
  • Recording of input signals in internal file, on SD/SDHC card (optional) or internal file system memory (optional).
  • Interface RS-485 Modbus RTU.
  • RS-485 Master/Monitor mode – possibility to poll 1 device
  • Protocol CANopen (optional)
  • SD/SDHC support (optional).
  • Interface Ethernet 10/100 BASE-T (optional).
    • Protocol: Modbus TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP.
    • Services: www server, ft p server, client DHCP
  • Dimension: 45 x 120 x 100mm.

Check how P30H works (username: user, password: pass)