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Introducing the offer of our all new series of digital meters - N32

Lumel developed its first digital meter almost 50 years ago, one of the pioneers in the industry, and look how far we have come. Speaking of legacy, LUMEL as a brand is all about innovation and experience .Today we are pleased to present in front of you the all new digital meter series – N32, which is the successor of our very well known N30 series.

>>>>>> See the N32 Series Video  <<<<<<<

Some of the distinctive features of N32 are :

  • It comes with a high contrast display with built in backlighting, and 2 line LCD display with programmable numbers and units,
  • You with pre installed RS-485 on the base version out of the box, making it more worthwhile,
  • It has 1 or 4 replay outputs signaling on the display, each one works in 1 of 7 different modes,
  • Recording of maximum and minimum values,
  • 32 point characteristics,
  • Supply of object transducers,
  • Mathematical functions,
  • 10 times faster sampling as compared to N30 series,
  • It can be configured with buttons on the meter or RS-485 or the universal E-Con software from Lumel.