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Lumel 4.0 - New chapter | Press conference

The first press conference in our new location was held today. The president of Lumel, Dinesh Musalekar, invited journalists to the new headquarters to reveal how the latest production technologies in line with the concept of industry 4.0 meet solutions protecting the environment as well as sports and recreation infrastructure for the company’s employees.
At the beginning of his speech, the President pointed to the fact that the new plant was one of the infrastructural elements of the 2020 Strategy adopted by the company in 2014.
As he emphasized, the foundation of the new headquarters is related to Lumel’s development plans in the coming years in 3 basic areas, namely:

  • continuation of work on products and services related to industrial automation and traditional energy
  • development of works and services in the field of renewable energy,
  • development of services related to contract assembly, among others for the automotive sector to which Lumel Alucast already supplies its products.

„The idea of 4.0 industry has been present in the company for several years. All our new products for the management of industrial processes or building automation systems have
a built-in MQTT protocol (dedicated to IoT solutions), which, using appropriate software, eg Marc - provides the necessary process data for the so-called „cloud”. We sell these solutions all over the world and also the new Lumel 4.0 plant is based on them. We also use IoT solutions in our photovoltaic installations, which provide energy for production in both plants ”- the President of Lumel Dinesh Musalekar summed up the presentation.
Lumel Arena also raised great interest from journalists - a sports and recreation facility with a
multidisciplinary sports hall, gym, billiard, café and hotel section. This is an innovative project on a national scale, which is intended exclusively for employees of Lumel and Lumel Alucast and their families.

The details of the facility:

  • The beginning of the building process: October 2019, completion June 2020, the start of production July 2020
  • Building area:
    • Plant 3 639 m2
    • Lumel Arena 1 007 m2
  • Plot area: 15,054 m 2
  • Investment value: PLN 30 million

Technologies used:

  • production space - EPA zone
  • System of environmental parameters monitoring - Lumel solution
  • System of energy management - Lumel solution
  • 150 kW photovoltaic installation - Lumel solution
  • Ventilation system with partial heat recovery
  • Energy-saving LED lighting
  • Low-emission gas boilers
  • Roof deflection monitoring system
  • Design including max. use of natural lighting.