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Narendra Goliya Story

He calls himself: a man of deed. When others dream and stop only there - he plans and fulfils his dreams. We are talking about Mr. Narendra Goliya - the owner of a capital group consisting of Lumel and Lumel Alucast in Poland, Rishabh Instruments in India, and Sifam Tinsley in England and the USA - who is today celebrating his 67th birthday.

The history of Mr. Narendra Goliya and Lumel intertwined at the moment of privatization of our Company in 2011. He was already a very experienced businessman who was looking for a place to develop the business in Europe. What circumstances exactly led him to Zielona Góra? What kind of a man and a businessman is he? What did he go through - not only in his professional life - to be where he is now and what shaped him? You can learn about that as well as about many other interesting facts related to Mr. Narendra Goliya's life from a short biography recently published in Nashiku, India.

We cordially invite you to get acquainted with this fascinating book, and most of all we wish Mr. Goliya the best of luck in realizing his intentions and satisfaction from his continuous development!



Narendra Goliya Story