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1- and 3-phase power network meter


It enables quick, easy and convenient installation of dedicated 1- and 3-phase current transformers and additionally eliminates the risk of a faulty connection of a meter with the transformers.
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It provides a perfect solution for controlling and monitoring of parameters regarding the energy quality and on top of that it enables controlling and optimisation of functioning of various power electronic devices, systems and industrial installations.

  • Measurement of power network parameters in 1-phase and 3-phase (3 or 4-wire) systems.
  • Current inputs 0.1A and 0.25A (for dedicated transformers).
  • Quick and convenient ways to connect current transformers via RJ12 connector or screw terminals.
  • THD factor measurement.
  • Backlighted LCD 3.5”.
  • Protection grade from the frontal side: IP65.
  • Digital transmission to the master system through the RS-485 interface (MODBUS RTU).
  • Programmable outputs: analog (option), alarm and pulse (energy).
  • Setting up of displayed pages.
  • ND20CT is designed to be used in conjunction with the following CTs:
    • LJ12 - 1-phase CT with RJ12 connector and 100mA output, connected  through a splitter to ND20CT meter 
      • ranges 50-250A, class 1or 0.5*
    • LJ25LJ35LJ45 - 3-phase, integrated in one housing with RJ12 connector and 100mA output
      • LJ25, ranges 60-200A, class 1 or 0.5*
      • LJ35, ranges 60-250A, class 1 or 0.5*
      • LJ45, ranges 250-600A, class 1 or 0.5*
    • L308, L306, L307 - 3-phase, integrated in one housing with screw terminals and 250 mA output
      • L308, range 63A, class 0.5
      • L306, range 125A, class 0.5
      • L307, range 250A, class 0.5 class