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PowerVis software


PowerVis software is dedicated to power network parameters visualization, monitoring, archiving and reporting. It can be an integral part of industrial systems and realizes following functions:

  • multiple user access with varying levels of authorization •
  • meant for monitoring of power network parameters
  • works on all web browsers
  • simple and user-friendly configuration (specialist knowledge is not required)
  • user-friendly interface
  • dedicated for LUMEL meters and transducers
  • dedicated for other producers devices with Modbus or Modbus TCP protocols
  • visualization of parameters through: digital indications, trends and tables
  • data archiving
  • presentation of archived data through: tables and trends • export of archived data to CSV files
  • signalling of alarm events (directly on computer screen or remotely via e-mail)
  • remote access to PowerVis software through a web browser.
  • Software is available in different language versions: english, german, french, spanish and polish.

Test free version of Power-Vis.