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1-phase power controller


The area of RPL1 application includes:

  • electric furnaces and drying structures, especially industrial furnaces and tunnel cap, furnaces for annealing and brazing, and founder crucible furnaces, drying ovens, furnaces with quenching in salt baths;
  • mechanical engineering equipment, aggregates and extruders for plastics processing, winding machines and tempering springs, spot welding and linear;
  • production of glass and glazing, plant and equipment for drying in the infrared and ultraviolet, vats for melting glass and heating trays for forming glass furnaces;
  • chemical and petroleum industry; radiators lining piping, wiring warming.


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  • For power control of resistive and resistive load (transformer connected to resistive load or to rectifier circuit). 
  • Control mode: on/off (similar to solid state relay), pulse, phase. 
  • Amplification of input control signal (SPAN). 
  • Limitation of load current. 
  • Overload protection. 
  • Signalization of exceeding the maximum temperature of radiator. 
  • Control of 3-phase load (requires two RPL1 controller units). 
  • External dimensions: 
    • 135 x 201 x 199 mm 
    • 135 x 231 x 199 mm (execution with fan).