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Cam switches


Cam switches PKT, PKS and PKH types are destined to wide range of applications in many industries and building automation. They are used particularly as a isolator, changeover, mutti-step and selector. There are available in many type of switching programs

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  • complete range of cam switches for control, instrumentation and motor starting applications,
  • quick and easy installation,
  • compact size with many switching programs,
  • multi pole design,
  • long distance visibility,
  • touch-proof terminals with IP20 protection,
  • available in different colors e.g. like an emergency switch disconnector.

Changeover - PKT1, PKS1, PKH1

In order to change a particular area of the operation, this changeover switches are used.They are available in wide range of 1 pole to 6 poles in 1 to 6 stages. 
Changeover switches are widely used in auto/manual changeovers, distribution panels, UPS & other.

Multi-Step - PKT2, PKS2, PKH2

In order to connect the different circuits in a common supply or vice-versa, this multi-step switches are used.

These switches can also be called as Pole-Way Switches, as they generally described by poles and ways.

It has countless applications for instance, tap changing switch for stabilizer. They are available upto 1 pole & 12 ways with 6 stages.

Isolator - PKT3, PKS3, PKH3

In order to isolate a particular area of the operation, this isolator switches are used. Isolator are basically ON-OFF switches. 
They are available in wide range of 1 pole to 12 poles in 1 to 6 stages. Isolators are widely used in mains circuit, motor ON-OFF & other.

Selector - PKT4

In order to measure the current in the circuit or the voltage drop across the circuit, this instrumental switches are used. 
To measure the current ammeter selector switch is used and for voltage measurement voltmeter selector switch is used. 
This switches are connected to metering unit.