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Energy monitoring in reefer containers at container ports

On the request of the customer responsible for reefers and freezers located at the container terminal in maritime port, Lumel SA has come up with a dedicated solution.

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Customer's problems:

  • lack of supervision over the parameters of container power supply
  • lack of information about power supply interruptions
  • lack of possibility to provide the goods receiver with a documentation of proper and continuous power supply to the container
  • necessity to pay contractual penalties (often unjustified) due to the deterioration of the goods.


A special mobile measuring case was developed for the container which is made of materials ensuring water and dust protection as well as low weight. A complete measuring circuit consisting of the ND40 analyser, current transformers and necessary protection devices. Built-in Wi-Fi and/or GSM modules guarantee wireless communication, providing remote access to the current and archived measurement results 24/7.

Benefits after implementation of the solution:

  • full control over the parameters of the container power supply - at any time the administrator can connect to devices via Wi-Fi or GSM networks
  • immediate text message in case of any problems with the container power supply
  • recording of power supply parameters with a division into individual container numbers - it is possible, at any time, to provide the goods receiver with the power supply parameters of "their" reefer
  • elimination of contractual penalties for possible goods “perishing”