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Single- and three-phase network energy meter with MID certificate 1/5A


The NMID30-1 energy meter is a modern device designed to monitor basic electrical parameters. It was designed for single-phase and three-phase network and equipped with a pulse output and an RS-485 digital link for remote monitoring of measured parameters or BMS systems.

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The backlit counter screen can display up to 16 different measured values. The counter can be
configurated by using buttons. One of the advantages is the ability to correct the power indication
resulting from improper connection or installation of current transformers at the software level.

  • Compliance with the MID directive (B+D modules)
  • Active energy measurement in B class
  • Measured active energy consumed and returned
  • Measuring inputs to cooperate with current transformers (NMID30-1)
  • Built-in pulse output
  • RS-485 digital interface with Modbus RTU protocol
  • Programmable current direction to correct reversely connected transformers