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Power network meter with Ethernet, recording and graphical screen


Measurement of 54 parameters, harmonics up to 63rd, graphical screen-fully configurable by a user and very user- friendly www server interface - these are just some advantages of our new power network meter ND30 type.

Product features:

  • Measurement and recording of 54 power network parameters, including current  and voltage harmonics up to 63rd, in 1-phase 2-wire or 3-phase 3 or 4-wire balanced and unbalanced systems.
  • Color graphical display: LCD TFT  3,5’’, 320 x 240 pixels, fully configurable by user
    • 10 pages, 8 parameters in each
    • 2 pages with harmonic presentations
    • 1 page with analog indication
  • Indications include the values of programmed ratios.
  • Memory of minimum and maximum values.
  • 2 configurable alarm outputs.
    • Mode of supervisory relay for alarm outputs - function available from 02.2019.
      Function can be ordered with new device as well as activated on the devices which have been alredy installed on the facility after softwate upgrade (from 1.07 version). To make function active, please order appropriate licence key (here)  - LKEY type.
      Supervisory relay mode enables detection of following events:
      • voltage drop or growth
      • current drop or growth
      • phase loss
      • current or voltage unbalance
      • phase sequence
    • User can specify:
      • the thresholds of monitored events
      • monitoring of phase relay
      • memory of relay state
      • delay of switch-on/off relay
      • relay state after the event has occured.
  • Optional: analog output 0/4...20 mA and 2 x Pt100 inputs (e.g for measurement of transformer temperature).
  • Logging of up to 32 measured parameters in the internal memory 8 GB (option).
  • Digital output RS-485 - MODBUS protocol.
  • Modern and user-friendly Ethernet interface 10/100 BASE-T (option):
  • wide range of voltage supply
    • 85..253 V a.c. or 90..300 V d.c.
    • 20..40 V a.c or 20..60 V d.c.
  • Programming of parameters using free eCon software.
  • Battery backup RTC.
  • Overall dimensions: 96 x 96 x 77 mm.



For monitoring parameters measured by ND30 and other devices working in industrial processes, we offer the PROMOTIC software. The software, in addition to the visualization of the process, allows you to register, track trends and create reports.

The software is free for one Lumel device.

An example device configuration is available at the links below:



Reports & website view: