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Portable power quality analyzer


NP45 is the professional device to analyze the power system quality, supply the harmonics analysis and power quality data analysis, also provide big memory for the data storage, which is used to make the long term logger measuring to power system.

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  • 5.6" TFT color screen. 640 x 480 pixel.
  • Waveform real-time display (4 voltages/4 currents).
  • Half cycle RMS measurement (voltage and current).
  • Measurement of TRMS currents up tp 6000 A (with additional probes mode).
  • Measurement in 1-phase and 3-phase systems (3 - and 4-wire).
  • Measurement of voltage. current. harmonics. power. energy. inrush current. flicker and other.
  • Graphical presentation of data in a waveform and vector diagram.
  • Record of events: dips. swells. overvoltages.
  • Power quality according to EN-50160 standard or user-defined limit.
  • Registration of user-defined parameters in the 32GB internal memory (registration time from 2 h up to 1 year).
  • Ethernet interface for remote operation of the analyzer.
  • USB Host to move archive data  and screenshots to an external USB memory.
  • Safety standards: EN 61010-1. CAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V.
  • The analyser set: analyzer. voltage tests leads alLigator clips (5x). DC power adapter. CD with software. user’s manual.