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Programmable separator/transducer


P20G separator assures full galvanic isolation of the input, output and auxiliary supply and matching of analog signals in automation systems.

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  • Input and output 
    • current: -20...20mA
    • voltage: -10...10V
  • Fully configurable through the PD14 programmer and free eCon software. 
    By means of the programmer, one can change the
    • input type,
    • output type,
    • measurement averaging time
    • recalibrate the analog output according to the output individual characteristic.
  • Accuracy class: 0,2.
  • Voltage supply:
    • 85...253 V a.c. (45...65Hz) d.c.
    • 20...40 V a.c. (45...65 Hz) d.c.
  • External dimension: 22.5 x 120 x 100mm