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Promotic Software - for automation systems


Promotic is a modern SCADA program for building both small and very large automation systems. It enables the visualization, analysis and archiving of industrial processes. 

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Program basic features:
  • an extensive library of communication protocols allows to communicate with the devices of the best-known automation manufacturers,
  • support of the most popular databases - (dBase, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and others),
  • web server with full functionality for PCs and mobile devices,
  • extensive library of static and dynamic graphic components,
  • possibility to design large systems,
  • sending alarm e-mails and text messages,
  • creating logic and additional functionalities in JavaScript,
  • open program with and expansion possibilities.

Examples of application areas:

  • measurement and regulation of energy consumption and other utilities (electricity, heat, gas, water ...),
  • processes related to food processing (breweries, dairies, sugar factories, mills,
  • ecology (emission monitoring, wastewater treatment plants, dust removal, ...),
  • telemetry and control systems (water treatment plants, gas plants, mines, heat distribution networks,
  • heat management (heat exchange stations, boiler rooms, ...)
  • other applications matching customer needs.
Unlimited license is with free upgrades for 10 years!
Example of the latest  realisation: