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Reverse power controller for PVSA inverters


SPC5 monitors the output power of PVSA inverters and prevents excess power being produced from being exported to the utility grid. This is primarily used in solar installations where the export of energy from the inverter to the public grid is not allowed or only allowed within certain limits. The use of the SPC5 power limiter allows you to avoid additional charges related to the unauthorized delivery of excess power to the power grid. In addition to controlling the feedback power, SPC5 provides complete information about the parameters of the solar system and the electricity grid.

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  • Reverse Power Control
    Prevents the inverter power from being exported to the grid by controlling the Inverter power.

  • Compatibility
    Compatibility with PVSA Inverters.

  • Multiple Inverters control
    It can control up to 20  PVSA inverters

  • Dual Modbus Card
    The addon card has dual RS485 ports: one for monitoring and controlling of inverters by SPC5 (device as Master) and the other for monitoring and configure SPC5 (device as Slave).

  • Touch screen graphics LCD
    Touch sensible color graphics LCD display with resolution of 320x240.

  • Power Flow Representation
    Pictorial representation of power flow between Solar Inverters, Grid and the Load.

  • Quick Access GUI
    Individual Grid, Load and Solar icons on main screen for direct access to the desired parameters.

  • Potential Free Relay
    A dedicated internal relay which can be configured for tripping based on reverse power flow or inverter communication breakage.

  • Grid Threshold setting
    Onsite programmable grid threshold power which is the minimum power taken from the grid. This helps in smoothening the power characteristics.

  • Parameter Screen recall
    In case of power failure, SPC5 memorizes the last displayed screen.