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Ultrasonic level transducer


ULT20 is designed to measure distance/level, and after programming functions which process the measured value of distance it can be used to measure the filling of tanks, to count the flow and level measurement in open channels.

Built-in LCD display, which, together with the buttons creates a local user interface allows for any change of operating parameters and viewing the current status of the device, including the reading of measured values

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  • level measurement up to 8 m with automatic temperature compensation.
  • calculation of filling in the tank or flow in open channels.
  • standard galvanic separated analog output 0/4..20 mA.
  • digital interface RS-485 with Modbus RTU protocol.
  • 2 alarm relays.
  • internal data and setup memory.
  • two 32-points individual characteristic (recalculate functions).