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Vehicle inspection for gamma radiations

The SMP Stationary Radiation Monitor System, with the help of 2 radiation detection columns, detects Gamma Radiation,  which is generally employed at scrap processing  plants and landfills. Considering the situation of the environment, the use of Radiometric control devices are inevitable because it significantly helps its consumer to detect the radioactive waste, for them to eliminate the prospects of contamination of our surroundings in the recycling process and landfills of such nature.

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Our Radiometric devices automatically detect radiation sources that may be in transit through the control zone. If the device detects radioactive substances, an automatic alarm informs plant employees about the incident.


  • Automatic radiometric control without interference in the traffic.
  • High sensitivity.
  • Generates  reports and alarm signals.
  • Speed control.
  • Interactive control panel with a 8.3” touch screen.
  • Bi-directional communication which provides.
    • remote control of the SMP.
    • remote change of selected parameter settings.
  • Operation in the dedicated Remote Management System SMP-Studio.
  • Video recording (supervised by the SMP-Studio).
  • The SMP system complies with the recommendations of the International Atomic Energy Agency of Vienna.
  • The measuring columns works in the range ambient temperature range: from -30°C to + 50°C, with relative humidity up to 90% at an air temperature ≤ 35°C, without condensation.


Potential applications of SMP system :

  • plants for the supply, storage and processing of scrap and metals.
  • metal mills.
  • municipal and industrial waste landfills.
  • waste incineration plants.
Applications SMP type     Control zone (w/h) Maximum speed Type of controlled vehicles*
  • metal scrap storage and processing plants
  • Steel mills
SMP-4/100 4.5m/4m Upto 3 km/h
  • Trucks
  • Rail vehicles
  • Containers
  • Incineration plants
  • Landfills
SMP-2/50  6m/4m Upto 8 km/h
  • Trucks

* If vehicles with smaller dimensions pass through the control zone, it is possible to adjust the control zone individually.