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Guideline for Quality Assurance and Planning of Deliveries to Lumel S.A. and Lumel Alucast Sp. z o.o.


Lumel S.A. and Lumel Alucast Sp. z o.o., hereinafter called LUMEL, have the permanent goal of constantly exceeding the quality demands of our customers and thus excel and continuously improve the quality of service.

To achieve our goals, a Start of Production with mature products and sustained production processes along the supply chain are required.
An integral part of the entire process chain is supplier of LUMEL who contributes decisively to the joint development and implementation of the ambitious quality targets.

Therefore, in the cooperation with all our partners we expect total awareness of quality and a full-time commitment to improving quality at any time. Here, we understand supplier and LUMEL as equal partners of one team.
This Manual summarizes and defines the necessary procedures, requirements and methods to achieve the common quality targets.

It forms the basis for mutual success in terms of quality and customer satisfaction.

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