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Multimeters & clamp-on meters

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If you are looking for good, safe and inexpensive multimeters and clamp-on metres, we have exactly what you need.

In the comprehensive Lumel offer you will find precise multimeters and clamp-on meters equipped with numerous additional functions that facilitate measurements for e.g. temperature or capacity measurement. Multimeters are characterized by wide measuring ranges and most importantly are very safe to use. All multimeters and clamp-on meters are covered by a 3-year warranty and are delivered with a quality control certificate. On request, multimeters and clamp-on meters can also be supplied with an additional calibration certificate and example of calibration certificate of LUMEL SA.

We provide for e.g. :

• Advanced multimeters with measurement recording and Bluetooth (NP15, NP15B, NP10). Thanks to multimeter communication with a smartphone and a special free application LUMEL NP15B, measured and recorded data can be sent digitally to other teams dealing with for e.g. machine diagnostics. Measured values ​​are presented on an LCD display with backlight in the form of digits and bargraphs.

• Simpler but equally precise multimeters NP06 and NP08

Clamp-on meters with a patented rotary clamp-on solution, thanks to which measurements carried out even in uncomfortable places are not a problem for technical services and maintenance.

NT10 isolation meter

Portable network parameter analyzers with color screen, event recording, Ethernet, internal storage.

Energy quality measurements are implemented in accordance with EN-50160 standards (NP40 and NP45).