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1-phase current transformers with primary winding


Current transformers LCTM series have own primary winding. The clamps of primary winding are in the upper part of the current transformer, next to the clamps of the secondary winding.

The transformers can be mounted to the base by wall mounting clamps with holes.
The clamps of the secondary circuit are covered by the moving flaps.
The current transformers are available for the secondary current 5A or 1A.

  • Accuracy class: 0,2; 0; 5; 1

The  transformer housings are made of special flame retardant material with high mechanical strength.
The transformers type LCTM are offered for the ranges:

  • 1...25 A - type LCTM 62/W
  • 1...60 A - type LCTM 74/W

External dimension:  depends on version.