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1-phase power network meter


From the Q4 of 2021 the offer of Lumel digital meters has been extended by the introduction of N32P a programmable meter for 1-phase power network parameters

N32P meter distinguishes:

- modern and easy-to-read LCD display
- universal measuring input
- RS-485 digital output as a standard.

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N32 meter is destined to measure

  • single-phase network parameters: voltage, current, active, reactive and apparent power, cosφ, tgφ, frequency, active, reactive and apparent energy, active power 15 minutes, voltage 10 minutes.
  • current and voltage harmonics analysis up to 51st (measurements available via RS-485).

Programmable input:

  • current 0…1 or 0…5A
  • voltage 0…100V / 0…230V / 0…400V


  • analog 0/4...20mA or 0...10V (option)
  • relays (1 or 4)
  • binary (OC)


  • two-line LCD display with high contrast and built-in backlighting.
  • possibility of displaying the measured value and time simultaneously or an second measured value or unit (automatically displayed unit of measured quantity).
  • high sampling frequency of measured signals 8 kHz.
  • parameters programming via buttons or RS-485 interface and free eCon software.
  • 4 alarm outputs with signaling on led diodes, working in 7 different modes (option).
  • possibility to program each of the alarms to react to a different measurements.
  • the function of the switch-on delay and switch-off delay of the alarm with the alarm event memory.
  • pulse output to control energy consumption.
  • conversion of any measured value into an analog signal 0/4...20 mA or 0...10V (option).
  • memory of minimal and maximal values for all measured quantities.