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3-phase power network analyzer with Ethernet and recording


N100 - it is a successor of N10 meters - one of the most popular meters on the market. N100 has been enhanced with a new functions (ETHERNET and RECORDING), which adjusted its to energy monitoring requirements in modern industrial applications.

  • Measurement of
    • power network parameters in 3 or 4-wire, balanced or unbalanced systems
    • harmonics up to 51st
    • THD.
  • Two-color LED display (red, green).
  • Four quadrant energy measurement.
  • Indications taking into consideration programmed ratio values.
  • Programmable number of pages and selection of displayed quantities on each of the 20 pages.
  • Backlit units of all measured quantities.
  • Configurable analog and alarm outputs.
  • Pulse input to count the consumption of active energy from external counter.
  • Digital RS-485 interface with MODBUS protocol.
  • Archiving data in the internal memory file system, memory 8 GB (option).
  • Ethernet interface 10/100 BASE-T (option)
    • protocol: MODBUS TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP,
    • services: www server, ftp server, DHCP client.
  • Battery support of RTC.
  • External dimensions: 144 x 144 x 77mm.