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Electricity monitoring system

It goes without saying that the energy used in production processes costs a lot.
However, in case of the mining and machining industry, these costs can reach millions of dollars.
In order to optimize energy cost and increase the profitability of production, Lumel has developed, at the request of a customer, a system for electricity monitoring which includes 90 major medium and low voltage plant circuits.

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Lumel solution involves

  • the newest ND40 power quality analyzers and ND30 power network meters on medium voltage switchgears
  •  N43 power network meters on low voltage switchgears.

The devices used on medium voltage provide archiving, while Web servers built into the devices allow for viewing current parameters in any web browser and sending emergency emails in the event of an alarm condition. In addition, the Modbus TCP/IP protocol provides simultaneous access to the devices via several master programs, such as Lumel-Process, Scada or client-owned production management system.
Thanks to this solution

  • all the key quality and electricity consumption parameters can be read-out on the computers of persons responsible for energy management (main power engineer - energy quality, administration - cost accounting)
  • there is no penalties for exceeding the ordered capacity
  •  there are financial savings resulting from improved energy quality and lower consumption.

The energy monitoring system is the first stage of the implementation. There are plans of further extension with additional power circuits and monitoring of other media: steam, water, compressed air.


KGHM ZANAM S.A. is one of the largest Polish manufacturer of machinery and equipment for the mining sector.
The company also manufactures equipment used in handling systems, transport units, stone mining. KGHM ZANAM belongs to a group of KGHM - the global leader in copper and silver production