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Module of 4 analog inputs


S4AI is a module of 4 analog inputs dedicated to convert standard signals (current, voltage, temperature, resistance) into digital RS-485 signal with Modbus protocol.

The input signals are divided into 2 sets of 2 inputs, which are isolated from one another. RS-485 and USB ports are isolated from input signals and the supply.

The module setting can be easily done through USB or one of the RS-485 interfaces using the free e-Con program.

  • programmable individual characteristics of the inputs.
  • operation in Modbus Slave mode.
  • possible connection via the internal RS-485.
  • two programmable alarm outputs.
  • mathematical functions: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, average, minimum, maximum.
  • two virtual measurement channels to perform mathematical functions on the channels or between the measurement channels.
  • programmable operating time counters.
  • possibile configuration via USB (power supply of the module is not required)
  • modular design and is dedicated to be mounted on the S-type rail acc. to EN 62208 ( module’s width is equal to 3 standard modules). It is perfect to be mounted  in a switchboard cabinets.
  • external dimensions: 53 X 110 X 60 mm