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Monitoring of Machine Temperature

The purpose of the system is to alarm in case of bearings overtemperature in production machines and to count their working time
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We manufactured special measuring cabinets for visualization of parameters,
equipped with meters with 3-color display or operator panel.
When the bearing temperature increases, the meter displays a different color,
and the panel displays a text message and an audible signal of a machine
failure. In addition, the cabinet disengage the machine to protect it against failure.
The solution allows to carry out measurements at several dozen of measuring
points. The measured values can be read in Scada program (e.g. Lumel-Process)
using Ethernet port buil in the panels. This solution also enables the measure-
ment of machines working time
The effects and benefits of the implementation
  • Constant temperature control at key points of devices, e.g. the temperature of the motor windings, bearings
  • Counting working time of machines
  • Local and remote presentation of measurements
  • Two threshold alarm states signaling
  • Counting the time from or until the next inspection
  • Reducing the number of failures and uncontrolled downtimes