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Rail mounted 3-phase power network meter with recording dedicated to IoT applications


Destined for direct (up to 63A) and indirect measurements in 3 phase 4 wire/3 wire balanced and unbalanced systems in IoT applications.

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  • Measurement and recording of 54 power network parameters in 1-phase 2-wire or 3-phase 3 or 4-wire balanced and unbalanced systems.
  • Harmonics up to 63rd for current and voltage
  • MQTT protocol - ideal for IoT applications
  • Backlight LCD screen, fully configurable by a user
    • 22 pages, 3 parameters in each
    • 1 page with harmonics presentation
  • Indications include the values of programmed ratios
  • Memory of minimum and maximum values.
  • 2 configurable alarm outputs.
    • Mode of supervisory relay for alarm outputs - additional function
      To make function active, please order appropriate licence key – details in ordering code. Function can be also activated on the devices which have been alredy installed on the facility after softwate upgrade.
    • Supervisory relay mode enables detection of following events:
      • voltage drop or growth
      • current drop or growth
      • phase loss
      • current or voltage unbalance
      • phase sequence
    • User can specify:
      • the thresholds of monitored events
      • monitoring of phase relay
      • memory of relay state
      • delay of switch-on/off relay
      • relay state after the event has occured.
  • Optional: with additional module of analog outputs - S4AO type (4 current or voltage outputs)
  • RS-485 digital output - MODBUS protocole
  • Logging of up to 32 measured parameters in the internal memory 8 GB
  • Modern and user-friendly Ethernet interface 10/100 BASE-T:
    • protocol: MODBUS TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP,
    • protocol: MQTT
    • services: www server, ftp server, DHCP client
  • Wide range of voltage supply
    • 85..253 V a.c. or 90..300 V d.c.
    • 20..40 V a.c or 20..60 V d.c.
  • Programming of parameters using free eCon software.
  • Battery backup RTC.
  • Modern design allows for installation of the meter in modular switchgear in accordance with EN 62208 (meter has a width of 6 modules) on 35 mm rail,
  • External dimensions: 105 x 110 x 60mm.