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Control and monitoring system for volumetric and induction hardening furnaces.

The main functionalities of the system are following:
✅ the ability to visualize and archive measurement data of measured and set values and the ability to control outputs,
✅ archiving of individual orders, including the order number, start and end time of heating, order year and operation number.
✅ control of constant value regulation of individual temperature controllers
✅ creating advanced reports based on archived data
✅ historical and current time courses of parameters selected by the user
✅ archiving data in the client's SQL database,

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The system was implemented with the use of Lumel products RE82, RE92 temperature controllers, RS485/Ethernet PD9 converters and Promotic scada software.
The implementation was completed within 12 months, and the system, as agreed with the client, is ready for further expansion.