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The regulations concerning the maintenance of microclimatic conditions in warehouses, museums, industrial or laboratory facilities require the recording of temperature, humidity or other temperature parameters by means of monitoring systems.
Depending on the requirements of the place/process/recipient, Lumel offers stationary or portable solutions, as well as local or global ones, using Cloud technologies and user-friendly software.
All temperature and humidity monitoring instruments can be supplied with a calibration certificate from the Lumel Laboratory.

1. temperature and humidity sensors/transducers

2. temperature and humidity data loggers

3. temperature, humidity, light intensity, CO2 concentration and TVOC data logger 

4. multi-channels and multi-purpose data loggers

4. Visualization software in Cloud technology linking the devices in a user-friendly monitoring system.

All our products and solutions are compatible to Industry 4.0 trends and they are covered by a 3 year warranty.


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