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2-channels module of analogue inputs


The SM1 - 2 channels module of analogue inputs is destined to convert standard signals, resistance or temperature signals into numerical data accessible through the RS-485 or RS-232 port by means of the MODBUS protocol.

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The measurement is carried out independently on 2 channels.
The programming of the modules is possible using RS485 or RS232 interface and eCon software.

The SM1 module realises following functions:

  • mathematical operations on channels and between measuring channels,
  • conversion of measured or calculated quantities on the base of individual linear characteristics,
  • storage of maximal and minimal values for each channel,
  • programming of the measurement averaging time,
  • servicing of RS-485 and RS-232 interfaces in MODBUS protocol, both in ASCII and RTU mode.

External dimensions: 22.5 x 120 x 100mm