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Building automation has recently become a very popular term. Such popularity is not the result of fashion, but the search for solutions that allow:

  • optimise the rising costs of energy and other utilities (e.g. water, gas, compressed air)

  • increase the comfort and convenience of the building

  • increase the comfort and safety of workers

So what do you find in the offer of building automation in Lumel S.A?

Equipment and complete systems for measurement and monitoring of energy, water, gas and other utilities, e.g.:

Green energy solutions for customers who not only want to reduce energy costs but also to contribute to the protection of the environment.

Photovoltaic installations and EV charging stations:

Visualization of essential parameters of production processes (temperature, humidity, plan execution, production effectivity
on large-size displays.

Wielkogabarytowe wyświetlacze i data logger:

Depending on the building infrastructure, we offer solutions based on various comunnication protocols (MODBUS, ETHERNET, PROFINET, BACNET or MQTT). The use of these most advanced protocols, that are in accordance with the idea of industry 4.0, allows not only to manage processes from small HMI panels located in individual rooms or local computers, but also by using smartphones and other mobile devices provides connectivity to servers located in the cloud.


If our product proposal convinced you or you need a comprehensive system offer, please contact us:

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