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Photovoltaic power frequency analysis with the help of ND45

In order to combat the numerous power quality issues that could arise with the use of solar panels, a power quality analyzer should be considered by users. The analyzer should be programmed to capture RMS power and energy, unbalance, voltage dip/sag, voltage swell, phase angle deviation,  total harmonic distortion (THD),  harmonics, inter-harmonics , and flicker.
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Once all of this data has been captured, it is important to analyze it and understand the implications of the data gathered. To resolve this LUMEL came up with an All in one solution with ND45 an Intelligent Electronic device  with Data logging and report generating facility . ND 45 have Measurement and recording of over 500 electric energy quality parameters, class A for selected parameters, harmonics and inter harmonics up to 51st, energy measurement in 4 tariffs, recording of measurements before and after events (dips and swells), configurable display and web server, FTP protocol , 8GB memory etc.