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Please get in touch with us, if you are looking for the ways to reduce the energy costs and improve the efficiency of the production processes at the same time

Our solutions will help you:

  • maintain a continuous monitoring of an ordered power level
    • avoid the penalty fees for exceeding this power
    • adjust a level of the ordered power to the actual demand (too low ordered power = penalties for exceeding it, too high ordered power = high fixed costs)
    • flatten the peak power by delaying the switching on of the most energy-consuming devices
  • monitor an energy at the level of the lines / machines in order to
    • provide more accurate estimation of the production costs,
    • analyze the cost of media necessary to produce a given material
  • locate the most energy-consuming loads in your plant based on their real energy consumption
  • check the load of the machines on individual shifts
  • monitor the voltage dips and the sources of electrical noise that may cause unexpected downtimes
  • account the energy costs internally by the halls, departments, etc.
  • alert the maintenance staff in case of a failure
  • manage energy in case of emergency conditions, e.g. request to lower the power due to network overload

Besides the benefits mentioned above, it is possible to expand our systems with other useful functions, for example:

  • monitoring of temperature in the switching stations to support plant safety
  • monitoring of compressed air which allows detecting sources of the leaks that cause considerable costs - the compressors are often the most energy-consuming loads
  • monitoring of other media: water, gas, heat
  • monitoring of environmental parameters - temperature, humidity, CO2, TVOC or light intensity in the halls
  • monitoring the produced number of items / production details to improve productivity