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Automation has become a growing component of the smart factory today, driving improvements in operational efficiency, supply chain transparency, and enterprise synergy. In the food and beverage industry, automation has provided opportunities to increase revenue, develop new revenue streams, and create efficiencies from the plant floor to regulatory compliance. Today, the industrial Internet of Things (iIoT) has added an entire new dimension to the capabilities of food and beverage manufacturing. Mobile devices, improved connectivity, and the ability of sensors, parts, and machines to record, transmit and interpret information are leading a new approach to how manufacturing is done.

For over 65 years the key competence of Lumel has been the production of the highest quality automation devices dedicated to measurement, control and monitoring of processes for food and beverage industry. Because we have known that automation users appreciate a comprehensive offer, in addition to the supply of equipment, we offer design and implementation of automation systems, which:

  • will be time and cost effective,
  • will raise productivity,
  • will improve work quality and safety.

We offer a comprehensive approach to the project, starting with a thorough analysis of the needs, providing custom made solutions for system implementation in facilities, throughout training and warranty and after-warranty service.

Energy monitoring system - our speciality

Because of the possibility of large savings and environmental protection, the systems which currently are the most popular ones are our systems for energy consumption monitoring and for the control of power supply network parameters. These systems can be easily extended with additional measuring points or other utilities.

All our products and solutions are compatible to Industry 4.0 trends and they are covered by a 3 year warranty.

Visualisation and monitoring of processes:

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